Graduate Students Supervised

Ph.D. Students
  • Haifa Alshammare (in progress)
  • Rawan Alraddadi (in progress)
  • Maha Alharbi (in progress)
  • Amal Alazba (in progress)
  • Mashail Alkhomsan (in progress)
  • Amjad Abu Hassan (completed)
  • Mawal Ali (completed)
  • Abdulrahman Baqais (completed)
  • Mohammed Misbhauddin (completed)

MSc. Students
  • Abdalrahman Aburakhia (completed)
  • Malek Al Zeibak (completed)
  • Abdallah Al-Baity (completed)
  • Turki Al-Shammari (completed)
  • Haris Mumtaz (completed)
  • Ahmad Abdellatif (completed)
  • Amjad Abu Hassan (completed)
  • Yagoub Eisa (completed)
  • Nasser Salman (completed)
  • Salman Khwaja (completed)
  • Hamdi Ali Al-Jamimi (completed )
  • Faisal Banaeamah (completed)
  • Karim Elish (completed)
  • Malik Umar (completed)
  • Yasser Shabaan (completed)
  • Mohammad Naji (completed)

Also, I was a thesis committee member for another 88 students

Research Grants

Funded Research Projects
  • Systematic prediction of CRISPR-accessory proteins, Consultant, in progress, KFUPM
  • A Framework for Measuring Information Security Culture in Universities, Co-I, in progress, KFUPM-IRC-ISS
  • A Maturity Model for the Assessment of Zero-Day Security Attacks, Co-I, in progress, KFUPM-IRC-ISS
  • Investigating Emotional Requirements Engineering, Co-I, in progress, KFUPM-IRC-FDE
  • A Maturity Model for Cybersecurity Digital Transformation, PI, in progress, KFUPM-IRC-ISS
  • Organizations Readiness for Insider Attacks, Co-I, in progress, KFUPM-IRC-ISS
  • A Readiness Model for Secure Software Coding (RMSSC), Co-I, in progress, KFUPM
  • A Readiness Model for Secure Software Acquisition (RMSSA), Co-I, in progress, KFUPM
  • Software Testing Security Maturity Model (STSMM), Co-I, in progress, KFUPM
  • DSMM: Design Security Maturity Model, PI, completed, KFUPM
  • ReqSecure: A requirements Engineering Security Maturity Model, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Package level Stability Measurement for Object-Oriented Systems, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Task Allocation in Global Software Development: An Exploratory Study, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • An Evaluation Framework for The Improvement of Software Quality Through the Application of CMMI Assessment, PI, completed, KACST
  • A Color Image Digital Watermarking Technique using the Quaternion Discrete Cosine Transform (Q-DCT) and Low Density Parity Check Codes (LDPC) for Android-Based Mobile Devices, Co-I, completed, KACST
  • GLOB: An Initial Global Project Management Readiness Framework, Co-I, completed, KACST
  • Enhancing Global Software development Productivity through Social Computing, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Object-Oriented Class Stability Metrics Validation, PI, completed, KFUPM
  • Integrated Reuse Environment for UML Analysis and Design Artifacts, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Automatic Messages Planning in Sequence Diagrams: Consistency Analysis of Use Cases against Class Diagrams using Design by Contract, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Integrated Unified Modeling Language (iUML), PI, completed, KFUPM
  • Developing A Prototyping Platform for Digital Integrated Circuit Development and Characterization: The On-Chip Tester, Co-I, completed, KACST
  • Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Text (ARHAT), Co-I, completed, KACST
  • Migrating Functional Requirements in Use Case Models to a More Formal Representation, consultant, completed, KFUPM
  • Classification of Aspect Oriented Refactoring methods based on Quality Attributes, PI, completed, KFUPM
  • A Measurement Framework for Aspect-Oriented Systems, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Refactoring Classification Based on Class and Software Architecture Stability, PI, in completed, KFUPM
  • A Neural Networks Models with Bounded-Weights as A Novel Approach for Forecasting Incomplete Dta Imputation in Software Cost Assessment, Co-I, completed, KFUPM
  • Measuring Object-Oriented Class Stability, PI, completed, KFUPM
  • Software Metrics Definition Language, PI, completed, KFUPM
  • Investigating Design Quality Characteristics for Refactoring and Refactoring To Patterns Using Software Metrics, PI, completed, KFUPM

Editorial Board

Software Engineering Journal
Journal of Software
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
International Journal of Computer and Software Engineering
Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering

Research Awards

Excellence in Research Award

Recipient of KFUPM University Excellence in Research Award - 2019.

Recipient of KFUPM University Excellence in Research Award - 2014.
Recognition of Scientific Patents

Recipient of KFUPM Recognition of Scientific Patent - 2020.

Recipient of KFUPM Recognition of Scientific Patent - 2019.

Recipient of KFUPM Recognition of Two Scientific Patents - 2018.

Recipient of KFUPM Recognition of Scientific Patent - 2016.

Best Paper Award

Recipient of Best paper Award in the following conferences:
  • Model-driven Engineering and Software Development, Rome, Italy, February 2016.
  • The World Congress on Engineering, London, U.K., 3-5 July, 2013.
  • The 13th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR-2012), Italy, 2012.

Research Areas

Research Interest
My research interest includes:
  • Software refactoring
  • Software quality
  • Software measurement and metrics
  • Secure Software
  • Evidence based software engineering
  • Empirical software engineering
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